How to properly wash your dog?

Often bathing a dog is not a mandatory part of its content. Of course, if it’s a doctor’s recommendation or if your dog is simply very dirty, you should wash him. But a host’s desire to wash his dog is much stronger than a recommendation, especially if his black-headed friend sleeps on their own bed.

There aren’t many points to follow when washing dogs, as this procedure shouldn’t be repeated frequently. But at the same time, if someone thinks there’s nothing complicated about it, it’s not exactly the right statement. After washing your pet we often go to the vet with at least some skin irritation. So, let’s look at whether or not we need to wash our pet.


For a dog, it’s a natural process to not be washed. They are lucky to have sweat that doesn’t stand out as much as people think. A normal summer walk and subway ride will not cause dogs to sweat too much. In high heat, it’s enough for your dog to get out of his tongue to get rid of internal dust. As a result, their need for washing is reduced. When a dog doesn’t smell good, it signals a skin problem or hair problem rather than a need to wash.

There are only 3 reasons for shampooing a dog:

  • Hygiene. Hygiene is when your pet is heavily soiled by dirt or some kind of ‘bad smelling’ substance. Then, of course, he should be washed without waiting for the next wash schedule.
  • Treatment. When an animal has problems with skin rash, the veterinarian often ascribe baths with special substances. But it’s only as prescribed by the dermatologist.
  • Giving beauty. Before performing, dog owners wash them with a special shampoo, after which the hair shines and is easily combed.
  • Just like that, whenever we want to wash the dog.


It’s contraindicated for dogs to use their shampoo. As much as you like the smell of a shampoo, such as a peach, when you wash your dog, expect him to get dirty quickly. And do it consciously so you don’t smell it. But that’s not the main reason you can’t use your dog products. Our shampoos or shower gels can cause dandruff, unpleasant itching and even skin flaking. After all, the human pH of 5.5 will be 6-7 for dogs.

For washing dogs, there is a special shampoo. It is sold in almost all shops for animals and veterinary shops. Thus it is possible to take more expensive variant of shampoo as it will suffice for a long time. And it is better to give preference to the colorless variant.


If you have purchased the right shampoo, and there are all the indicators to wash the animal, we begin the process:

  • It’s important for your dog to feel that they’re holding on to their paws tightly. So having a special rug in the bathtub, or the simplest one that can be replaced with a cloth, won’t scare him. It’s important that his feet hold his balance well.
  • It’s important that the water is at a pleasant temperature. We use the shower to urinate the pet. We put cotton wool in the animal’s ears, because the water is contraindicated.
  • Before applying the shampoo, it should be diluted with water 1:5 and foamed, applied evenly over the entire coat. This way, you will not let the shampoo penetrate into the skin and thus cause irritation.
  • Massage my pet and avoid the shampoo getting into her eyes, just like it gets into her ears.
  • After you’ve soaped up your dog, you should wash off all the foam. This point is important to wash him completely. Because if the foam stays in his coat, it’ll be irritating. It’s also important to wash the armpits and pleats thoroughly.
  • There are dogs that are inherently creases. That’s why we pay special attention to them by washing each wrinkle well, keeping the skin from irritating.
  • Get your dog out of the tub, give him a chance to get on his own wet tiles.
  • It is not recommended to use a hair dryer to dry his coat, as it also irritates the skin. Simply wipe him well with a towel and let him run around the room where he will start rubbing against the path or furniture.
  • Outdoors should be after your dog’s coat is completely dry. Squeezing is also contraindicated until your dog is dry.

These rules apply to the shampoo washing process. If it concerns the usual washing with water after the street, it is allowed to do it daily.

It is important to wash the paws of the animal after each walk. This will keep her healthy and your carpets clean. Anything left on its paws after the street is licked to the animal. That’s why hygiene is important here, because there can be all kinds of infections on its paws.


These are rare cases, because dogs like to splash in the water. But if your pet is afraid to bathe, maybe the reason is different. Maybe it’s the water or the noise from her splashing. You have to start bathing these animals quietly, without scolding them. Then your pet will get used to the water and this process a little bit.