Many people who have never had animals believe that dressing dogs is bliss and stupid, and their owners simply ‘have nowhere to go for money’. Of course, such beliefs have nothing to do with the true state of affairs.

Cynologists, vets, breeders, and just animal lovers have a completely different opinion on whether dogs need clothes. Elementary knowledge of pet physiology leaves no doubt: dogs don’t just need clothes, in some cases they need them to survive.


Of course, not all pets need to be insulated. For example, fluffy northern breeds (husky, samoyed, likes) will not freeze even on the most student days. But animals without a thick undercoat will really suffer from freezing wind and thorny snow.

There are several categories of dogs that need to be worn in bad weather:

  • First of all, they’re dogs with short legs. Due to this peculiarity of the exterior, the whole walk the stomach of the pet is in risky proximity to frozen asphalt, snow or ice cover of roads. His gentle abdomen is rapidly overcooled and he may catch a cold and various inflammations. It’s not just short-haired bassettes and dachshunds that need a warm jacket or coat. Furry Pekinese, Welsh Corgi and Japanese Hinas also need winter clothes.
  • Another category of four-legged pets that need clothes is hound dogs. Usually such breeds (greyhounds, Ridgebacks, Larchers, Bavarian Trail Dogs and many other types of hounds) have thin skin, which allows them to maintain an optimal temperature during a sports race or long hunting. During the winter months, however, these dogs can benefit from additional protection.
  • It is believed that naked dogs have appeared in African countries and that their hair has been lost for lack of use. As trade links between continents developed, animals gradually spread around the world and today are in high demand due to the huge number of allergic individuals. Breeds such as Peruvian Naked, Ecuadorian Naked, Xoloitzquintli, Pharaoh’s Dog not only need warm things. Delicate naked skin also needs to be carefully protected from the sun.
  • Artificially bred ornamental dogs need clothing for almost all occasions. Strictly speaking, today all breeds are artificially bred, at different times perfected by humans. Here we are talking about small, “tame” dogs, acquired exclusively to create an image of their owners or especially for young children. Left-handed dogs, Beavers, Chihuahua, Yorkshires cannot fight natural disasters on their own. Such miniature favorites must be protected from any climatic manifestations, whether it is cold, rain, wind or heat.
  • Warmth is a must for all breeds of dogs without exception if they are sick, old or nursing females.


Ideally, a pet should have clothes for each season, just like its owner. Depending on the climate of your dog it may be:

  • a warm coat or insulated winter jumpsuit;
  • soft-lined windbreaker;
  • raincoat;
  • knitted sweater;
  • lightweight light shirts (especially relevant for ornamental and bald (naked) dogs);
  • cooling vest.

Dog shoes that are insulated and lightweight have been gaining popularity recently. And it is also not a whim of the owner, but taking care of the health of a four-legged friend. Special shoes will protect delicate legs (especially small breeds) from molten asphalt in summer and aggressive reagents in winter.


Diseases that a pet may have due to hypothermia are similar to those in humans.

Walking without special clothing can cause the following problems:

  • colds and infections;
  • frostbite;
  • pneumonia;
  • arthritis;
  • various ear diseases;
  • kidney disease;
  • diseases of the heart and respiratory organs;
  • mastitis (can kill puppies).

Trouble caused by a dog overheating is no less dangerous. It can be:

  • heat shock (rocks with flattened noses such as pugs and boxers are more likely to be exposed);
  • sunstroke;
  • skin burns (in naked dogs).

Cooling vests may be needed just the kind of rock that perfectly tolerate blizzards and frosts, but the abnormal heat is not very good. If, for some reason, supermachine chow, bobtails or Tibetan mastiffs have to stay in the heat and away from ponds, without cooling vests such dogs can not do. This also applies to overweight pets.

Latex-coated latex-coated walking socks The overcooling or overheating of dogs with chronic diseases or sick old animals is dangerous.

Take real care of your four-legged pet and get him the things he needs for his breed, age and lifestyle. This shouldn’t be a problem today, dog clothing is available in a fairly wide price range and the choice is truly wide.