Working for a veterinarian I have seen many side effects.

by Stephanie
(Port Huron Michigan)

I worked for a holistic veterinarian so we got many of the clients who had seen how a vaccination effected their pet and came to us for help.

One owner's pet was in total paralysis and couldn't stand. After a time, homeopathic treatment helped.

I also saw paralysis of a Dalmation's face. She couldn't blink her right eye. Homeopathic medicines helped with this a lot.

We don't get vaccinations every year and neither should our pets.

The vet I worked for began titering vaccinations and the results were very interesting. A 7 month old puppy had a blood level of distemper vaccination of 10,000, when the highest it should have been was 100. We started using homeopathic remedies to lower this level. What would have happened if we had continued vaccinations the way the standard is? I believe he could have died, and some pets have. My puppy had received one vaccination before I purchased her and I have not had her go back to get any more and I probably won't.

If you can afford it, it is best to go to a vet that will titer the vaccinations.

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