Toys for Blind Dogs

Choosing the right toys for blind dogs is so important to make sure that your site-impaired pooch gets to have tons of fun and entertainment in a safe and secure environment. The best dog toys for our visually impaired furry friends weren’t created for that purpose, but they just happen to adapt very nicely to their needs.

toys for blind dogs - dog chewing stuffed football

Things to Consider When Choosing
Toys for Your Visually Impaired Dog

Unlike humans, a dog’s dominant sense is not his sight, it is his sense of smell.

According to the book How Dogs Think: What the World Looks Like to Them and Why They Act the Way They Do, “It has been estimated that dogs can identify smells somewhere between 1,000 to 10,000 times better than humans can.”

Wow! Our dogs sure sport some sensitive sniffers!

Our canine companions aren’t too shabby in the hearing department, either.
According to Dr. Cohen, for sounds in certain frequencies, a dog’s hearing can be hundreds of times better than ours.

Given our pooches’ strong scent and hearing abilities, when choosing toys for blind dogs, you want to select ones that emphasize these senses.

Suggestions for Toys for Blind Dogs

  • Kongs stuffed with treats
  • Buster Cube (also stuffed with treats, which randomly fall out when the cube is pushed or moved) Buster Food Cube Interactive Dog Toy (Colors Vary)
  • Nylabones (won’t splinter like real bones) Nylabone #NR102 RegSZ Orig Durable Bone
  • Squeaky toys (there are lots of varieties; if your dog is a hard chewer make sure the toy is strong enough that he cannot get to the squeaker inside)
  • Air Kong Squeaker Toys (tennis balls, footballs, dumbells) Air Kong Squeaker Football Dog Toy Size: Medium
  • Wiggly Giggly Toys (ball makes giggly, squeaky sounds when rolled; also available in bone shape) Wiggly Giggly Bone Small - 6 in.
  • Soft-Flex Swirl Balls (made with premium, heavy duty vinyl, longer lasting than any vinyl toy on the market. Features unique grip-able form. Squeaker is molded in so there is no secondary piece for a dog to swallow.) Soft Flex Swirl Ball - 5.5" Blue
  • Skinneez Stuffing Free Dog Toys (stuffing-free, flattened shape; squeakers in head and tail; available in fox, raccoon and skunk; two sizes for large and small dogs) Skinneez Jumbo Assorted - 36"
  • Talk to Me Treat Ball (treat-dispensing dog toy plays your pre-recorded message when nudged by your dog) Talk To Me Treat Ball - Large
  • Scented toys, such as tennis balls or stuffed animals (Make sure all scented toys are 100% non toxic. You can even scent your own toys with flavored extracts. See our article on toxic foods for dogs to make sure the flavored extracts you choose are safe for your pet.)

toys for blind dogs - golden retriever with ball

When choosing toys for blind dogs, keep in mind that our dogs are all individuals, so not all toys will be suitable for every dog. Always introduce a new toy to your visually-impaired pooch in a safe, supervised environment to be sure that he feels completely secure and comfortable with it.

Then, have fun watching him play!

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