Tito baby

by Nicole Mooney
(orlando Florida USA)

Tito in his holiday best

Tito in his holiday best

My dog's Name is Tito.. he is like a child. He is a great dog. We have had him since he was a baby and he is 2 yrs old now. He sits and waits for his treats until you tell him to get it. Usually, you can get him to stay for about 10 minutes. He sits, lays down, gives high-fives and shakes your hand. He loves to cuddle and go to the dog park. He loves to sleep in the bed. It is the cutest thing - he gets in bed and fluffs the pillow and blanket with his teeth and paws. It is almost like a human trying to get comfy and then he circles it a few times and then plops down on the pillow and tucks his nose under the blanket and then he is out for the night.. He is just an all around great dog with a human personality.

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