The Queen of the House!

by Shelia
(Bismarck, ND USA)

Maggie on her throne

Maggie on her throne

I rescued Maggie from the shelter when she was only about 10 months old. Or maybe she rescued me. I just lost my black lab of 15 years, and had another 15 year old cocker spaniel at home. With him & Maggie, it was love at first sight. (I lost him about 5 months later). My heart broke when I lost my dogs, my best friends.

I could never just have one dog, it just didn't seem fair to me. At least with 2 dogs (or more) they can keep each other company when I'm at work. I also think they get into less trouble, because they don't get so bored.

The people who had Maggie before me didn't want to put up with her peeing everytime someone talked to her (typical cocker), plus she threw up all the time. Well, with a little changing of food, I found one that agreed with her, and she doesn't throw up anymore. The peeing she only does if someone new comes around. As long as they don't talk to her for about 5 minutes, she's fine. I usually just put them outside when someone comes over. She just gets so excited!

I now have 3 dogs & a cat and they are the best of buds. Maggie is kind of the boss. She's the smallest of the 3, but if they pick on her or try to steel her treats, boy does she give them heck! She IS "The Queen of the House".

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Apr 09, 2009
by: Trish

What a little sweetie! Thanks God for people like you, who adopt shelter dogs!!!!

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