The adventures of Alfie

by Mary Seaton
(Bournemouth Dorset England)

Alfie as Stevie Wonder

Alfie as Stevie Wonder

Alfie as Stevie Wonder Alfie as Frank Sinatra Alfie as Marilyn Monroe Alfie doing his Zumba class

Is he a dog? He's simply Alfie Seaton to us.
Our friends have dogs but even they say Alfie is quite different. We noticed it from the time we got him. He likes people to notice him before he starts his display of humour.

When he swims in the river, he swims straight out into the middle and then just swims up and down looking along the bank to see if people are looking at him. Then! with his wonderful long legs he displays a full breast stoke back to the edge. Alfie gets out, shakes, then impersonates a sheep by hopping and jumping across the field.

He always likes to dress up and will sit perfectly still till my daughters have finished getting him ready.

Alfie likes dressing as different characters: Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder. At the moment he's making sure he keeps fit doing Zumba.

Well that's our Alfie - keeps us going and everyday is a new adventure.

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