September 2011
Dog Photo Contest

Congratulations to FRITZ, the Winner of our September 2011 Dog Photo Contest!

September 2011 Dog Photo Contest winner Fritz

Does your pooch make you laugh?

Is he or she always doing silly things that crack you up?

Then show your canine comedian off to the world!

How? Just enter him or her in our Funniest Fur-Kid of the Month Dog Photo Contest!

If your pooch wins, he or she will grace our homepage for the entire following month and win a present selected just for them from Only Natural

Entering is a snap. Just click here to enter our October 2011 dog photo contest. Tell us why your pooch makes you laugh, and upload a photo of your funny fur-ball. It's that easy!

So go ahead. Your dog might just be our next star and grace our homepage with their picture and story for an entire month. And better yet, they’ll enjoy a present selected just for them from Only Natural!

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My Silly Pitbull 
When people look at Diggy, the first thing they see are his broad shoulders and rippled chest. But the first thing they experience with Diggy is a big …

Hey! Whatcha doing? 
Fritz was adopted from the local humane society after his previous owners took him to a kennel (for the weekend) and never came back. The kennel kept him …

Bud the Booze Hound 
Budweiser the Rottie / Human Cross just loves chilling out in the local pub. She brings a smile to everyone's face :-)

This is kasey being fluffy from harry potter. 
Casey loves people and other animals. She's a sweet and funny boxer. She just loves to dress up!

My dummy keeps me quiet 
This is Diesel. He is a loving puppy at 5 months old. He loves playing with new toys and loves the colour pink! Yes, he's a boy and loves pink. He loves …

Peewee is our little monkey! 
Peewee always makes us laugh. Her sister Sugar Noodles and Peewee are like night and day. Sugar is protective and shy. Peewee is the comedian. She wears …

Smile Pretty. : ))))) Not rated yet
He is always doing something to crack me up.

Keira the Silly Smiling Pitbull! Not rated yet
Keira is so funny because she loves to jump from crazy places and hops like a kangaroo! She loves to dance with you and sings with you! She's lovable, …

Meggy Moo jumping for joy! Not rated yet
Meggy is a gorgeous black miniature poodle who loves playing and having fun! She is sure to make you smile.

SAAAAY CHEESE!  Not rated yet
Me (Allie) and my sister (Teagan) walked into our bedroom, only to find our Dachshund, who's name is Cheese, smiling very enthusiastically! We thought …

Smiling in the Sun Not rated yet
Caesar and Pepper love to laugh; and know how to brighten the day in their own way.

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