Required Dog Vaccinations:
Which Vaccines does
Your Dog Really Need?

The following are the required dog vaccinations according to W. Jean Dodds, DVM, founder of Hemopet Animal Blood Bank and a leading researcher in the field of animal vaccinations.

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This Canine Minimal Vaccine Use Protocol was presented by Dr. Dodds at the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association in 2007 and is the same protocol that Dr. Dodds still recommends today for maximum health and protection of our canine companions.

It is important to follow the Canine Minimal Vaccine Use Protocol. This will ensure that your dog is both receiving the proper vaccinations at the proper times to protect him/her from disease, as well as to help make sure that you are not over-vaccinating, giving an improper combination of vaccinations or giving too many vaccinations at one time ("vaccine cocktails").

Canine Minimal Vaccine Use Protocol

Age of PupsVaccine Type
9 – 10 weeksDistemper Virus + Parvovirus, MLV or recombinant
14 – 16 weeksSame as above
12 – 24 weeks or older, if allowable by lawRabies
1 yearSame as 9 – 10 weeks
1 year Rabies, killed 3-year product (preferably give 3-4 weeks apart from any other vaccine)

Perform vaccine antibody titers for distemper and Parvovirus every 3 years, or more often, if desired.

Source: Dr. W. Jean Dodds, founder, Hemopet Animal Blood Bank

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