Raw Frozen Dog Food:
Good for Your Dog, Easy for You

Could a raw frozen dog food diet be the answer to both you and your furry friend’s dreams?

As we’ve discussed, optimum canine nutrition combined with the highest standards of dog food safety play a large role in determining your dog's health. A nutritious, natural diet supports a strong immune system in your dog and helps to balance his body in a state of health and wellness.

I’m a firm believer in preventing disease in the first place, rather than waiting until the body is in a state of imbalance (dis-ease) and then being forced to treat it with medications that can cause health issues in their own right.

dog eating raw frozen dog food

In a separate article we discuss why a raw diet for dogs is optimal for your canine companion’s health and longevity. In this article, we will give you practical advice and information on how you can conveniently incorporate that diet into your own lifestyle, so that your dog can benefit from the diet of his ancestors without you having to rearrange your whole schedule around feeding time.

So, what's one answer to the raw diet dilemma?

Buy raw frozen dog food.

As more and more pet parents are realizing the benefits of a raw diet for dogs, a cottage industry is springing up to make feeding this type of diet simple, fast and easy. These “mom and pop” companies take all of the guesswork and hassle out of raw dog food by formulating their ingredients to mimic the diet of dogs in the wild and then packaging them in easy to use frozen portions, usually in the form of "burgers" or nuggets.

Since these companies are generally small and dedicated to our dogs’ health and wellness, they also (at least the ones I have investigated) use only the finest, freshest meats, veggies and herbs.

The brands I feed Chase use antibiotic and hormone-free, grass-fed meats and poultry, certified organic fruits and vegetables and certified organic, unrefined supplements. They also have personal relationships with their suppliers, and know exactly where and how the meat is raised and the fruits and vegetables are grown.

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Try calling a mass-market “mega brand” dog food manufacturer and asking them if they follow such standards!

Which leads me to another important point....

Since the companies that produce raw frozen dog food are generally small and are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction (and take pride in their commitment to quality), you can call them directly and speak to a knowledgeable representative who can answer any questions you have about their products.

dog eating steak

You can be sure that that’s exactly what I did when deciding which foods to feed Chase.

You're probably thinking that raw frozen dog food is too expensive.

Not so.

First of all, by preventing illness with proper nutrition, you will surely be saving money on potentially astronomic veterinary bills. Second, there are price fluctuations between the different raw dog food companies.

If you choose to buy a lesser priced brand you may be sacrificing organic or antibiotic/hormone-free ingredients, but you will still be feeding your dog nutrition that is light years above what he would get with the SADD (Standard American Dog Diet).

So go ahead and check it out. Natural Organic Raw Pet Food for Dogs & Cats at Only Natural Pet Store. I bet you find a raw frozen dog food to fit your situation and budget.

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