Our Boxer Roxy :)

by John Walsh
(Boston, Ma.)

Im busy working Daddy!

Im busy working Daddy!

Roxy is a really cute dog with a lot of energy. She can be laying on the couch one second out cold, and the next running in circles around our living room chasing her favorite toy. The best part about Roxy is that she is a total cuddle bug when it comes time to relax. She will come right up to my fiance and sleep right on her. It's so funny to see her just "plop" herself right on her lap and block my fiance from watching TV. As long as Roxy is comfortable.. that's all that matters!

We've had Roxy since she was just a little puppy and we cant picture our lives without her. She is in love with our laptop for some strange reason, so we decided to put up one of our favorite shots. I was on the other end of the couch and had to yell to my fiance for the camera.. this one was priceless!

John, Taryn, and Roxy.

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Jul 14, 2009
What a cutie!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

Arent boxers great! Roxy is adorable. I think I have some serious competition now! My pup is Kramer, the birthday boy, in this photo contest. We love boxers so much we now have 5 of them. Surrounded by love and entertainment! Plenty of hugs and kisses to go around.... Best wishes and I give this five stars.

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