November 2011
Dog Photo Contest

Congratulations to COOPER, the Winner of our November 2011 Dog Photo Contest!

November 2011 Dog Photo Contest winner Cooper

Does your pooch make you laugh?

Is he or she always doing silly things that crack you up?

Then show your canine comedian off to the world!

How? Just enter him or her in our Funniest Fur-Kid of the Month Dog Photo Contest!

If your pooch wins, he or she will grace our homepage for the entire following month and win a present selected just for them from Only Natural

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So go ahead. Your dog might just be our next star and grace our homepage with their picture and story for an entire month. And better yet, they’ll enjoy a present selected just for them from Only Natural!

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Let Me Rest My Weary Head! 
I have two Neapolitan Mastiffs. The one with his head on the table I swear knows what a camera does. Every time I pull out the camera, he will not look …

my silly billy staffy called lexus 
She just loves to clown about and always puts a smile on my face. She sings and giggles in her sleep. I'm not kidding. It's so funny.

Bath Time 
As soon as I dried Jameelah after giving her a bath, she decided to go outside and play around. I think it was just to spite me. :)

He's munching a stick while he's sleeping!

Cooper...Our Funny Boy! 
Cooper is quite the performer. He does whatever it takes to hear someone laugh at him or give him a round of applause. He seems to know that a good hearty …

day out with morgan Not rated yet
She loves posing for the camera.

shopping on black friday Not rated yet
Always bargain shopping

all the girls love me Not rated yet
He thinks he's sooo cool

Ebbie as Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Not rated yet
Ebbie is SUCH a cute reindeer......she looks just like a baby Rudolph!

black lab with log Not rated yet
This is my lab, Merlin. he loves finding sticks on our walks, but this pup doesn't like small ones. He always has to find the biggest log!

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