My story!

by Jeff McVay
(yucaipa, CA, USA)

I am ready to catch the ball!

I am ready to catch the ball!

It all started when I came home on August 7th, 2008. I knew that I would be taken home to a good home and mommy, along with my two brothers. Oh yah, my name is Chain. So anyway, my brothers are in a better place now because their owner(my owners friends)lost them to a hit and run car accident, and I now live with my nonbiological brother, Sprocket. So, I am a comedian because I am a very cute, 'snorty' puppy. You can tell when I am happy because I snort a lot, just like a little piggy. Well that's enough of me, so pleeaaaseee pick me, I'll be waiting for your E-mail.

Paws and Kisses,
Chain Bug <3

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