My Piece of Doggie Heaven

by Amy
(St. Louis, MO )

Brodee is cute not only because of his large expressive cartoonish eyes and his unusually large smile, but because Brodee is a survivor. I adopted Brodee from a shelter. He came to me with an extensive hard background. He started out living with a homeless man on the streets, he almost starved to death and was brought into the shelter. He was adopted twice and both times returned because of the bad reputation the breed has despite that he had never shown aggression to any of them. When I first called he shelter about adopting they brough him over and it was love at first sight! Prior to me adopting him he was crated for 23 hours a day!!!

Brodee's favorite activity is rolling around in the grass on our first morning walk. It is sometimes hard to get him to stop even after 10 or so minutes! He is very friendly with everyone, especially if they are willing to give him a good back scratch! He has a very strict routine in the morning. First he REFUSES to get out of bed until it is exactly time for his walk. Then he does stretches for a few minutes. Then it's time for breakfast, a walk and a roll around in the grass. When he is finished with that it's time to go back to bed and wait for me to get home from work! This routine is never to be messed with to him. If I try and change one little aspect he refuses!

He has been such a blessing to me this past year. We are amazingly great pals and his smile warms me up and makes me giggle everyday! His tail never stops wagging and he is so appreciative that he is now in a permanent home with a loving mama!

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Jul 19, 2009
Lucky dog (finally)
by: Anonymous

Wow, what a sad life he had to endure to finally find happiness with you. I'm happy for the both of you. Pitbulls get such a bad rap for their reputation, but they have the biggest hearts, if people only took the time to realize that, I think more would be adopted.

Jul 15, 2009
What a touching story
by: Diana

Amy, what an incredible story. I cried as I read what Brodee had to endure and then smiled when I thought of how the two of you finally found each other. As a person whose life has been transformed by adopting my dog, Chase, I cannot tell you how much this story touched my heart. Isn't it amazing what beautiful hearts, souls and spirits dogs have? No matter what people do to them, they remain so pure and loving.

Brodee is such a lucky boy!

Warm regards,

Site owner
The Happy Dog Spot

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