March 2010
Dog Photo Contest

Congratulations to ROCKY, winner of our
March 2010 Dog Photo Contest!

March dog photo contest winner Rocky

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Flower delivery by Baby 
Baby is a real canine comedian! I never know what silly trick she may pull just to get someone to smile. She loves making people happy and can bring a …

This is our Collie puppy Baby.She so easily brings a smile to my face with her silly antics. One of her favorite things is when I get out "her" cookbook …

Should I get in the Pool??  
ROCKY THE PUG Hi, my name is Rocky. If you want you can call me 'Rocco'. My birthday is February 27th, 2009. I enjoy long walks on the beach, playing …

Minnie Mouse Not rated yet
Minnie Mouse wakes up every morning all enthusiastic to go to work, but before going to work we stop at Starbucks to get our usual White Chocolate Mocha. …

Caught Red Handed....Well Red Pawed Not rated yet
Sloan loves to get into trouble! It was this day that I learned...A quiet puppy = a naughty puppy. Sloan was out back and being really quiet. I decided …

Ms Goofy Girl, Molly! Not rated yet
Molly is a rescued boxer from a puppy mill situation. She was 10 weeks old when I got her and she had so many health problems that it was questionable …

Cutie Not rated yet
Hes deaf and very funny

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