by lynne
(Burnley Lancs england)

We have a small rescued Lurcher (Sasha) who was in a very poor state when we got her--starved, flees and had a very bad leg injury. After a year of getting Sasha in the best condition we could, parvo was around so we had her vaccs, then a year later we were reminded of her vaccs again (I was not too happy about doing them) but we thought it was best to protect Sasha, so we went ahead--vet didn't really check her over just stuck the needle in and that was that.

Within a week my bouncy happy girl was not eating. We had a fight on our hands to keep her alive, but with lots of care and hand feeding and water, she started to recover very slowly, but her breathing was still bad (puffy). At the time, we didnt put it down to the vaccs. We asked the vet, but he said, no, it couldn't be the vaccs. So we built Sasha back up to the best we could but then after a month or so she started to go lame (mind Sasha was only 4 then) now 5! First she started to cry whenever she walked, and I cried with her! She was put on Tramadol for pain and steroids as the vet now thought she had an autoimmune condition, and over 3 months every nail came off! I had to carry her outside to go and do what she had to and back again 4/5 times a day. She weighed 17 kilos, but I was not giving up on her. My poor dog was in so much pain, I have cried to see her be in so much pain, and this still is going on today 2014.

It's a fight to keep her going but she is happy enough now so I will do all I can for her with good diet vit and con tabs, creams for feet when bad and I have spent every penny on her since then to keep her going. All this i know is from over vaccs!! Even though my vet might not say so, I live every day with Sasha not knowing what she might be ill with next day or week, and she always has something going on. Today is a bad day, breathing not good seems hard for her to swallow coughs and gags! But i fight on !!!!

Time vets stopped sticking needles into our pets without checking up on their health before hand......

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Oct 18, 2015
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Jan 24, 2014
So Sorry
by: Diana

Hi Lynne,

I am so sorry to hear about your struggle with Sasha. You are a wonderful "mom" and thankfully you are doing everything you can for her with good diet and other measures.

I hope that Sasha will improve in your care. She is very lucky to have such a caring mom.


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