Lov'in the snow!

by Shelia
(Bismarck, ND USA)

Yukon playing in the snow with his Jolly Ball

Yukon playing in the snow with his Jolly Ball

This is Yukon, my 3 year old Akita. He just absolutely loves the snow -- and his Jolly Ball. However, the other dogs or myself have to be outside with him, since he just hates to be alone.

Yukon won the Cutest Dog Contest in March, but I just wanted to add a picture of him after he's grown up.

He was such a cute puppy, but he turned into a very beautiful dog. He gets compliments all the time.

He is so special to me. I hope he is around for a very long time.

Now that I know more about the dangers of over-vaccinating your dog, after reading Diana's article about it on The Happy Dog Spot, I will be asking a lot more questions before vaccinating him again. He had a Grand-Mal seizure after getting vaccinated previously, and I don't want to put him -- or myself -- through that again.

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