June 2009
Dog Photo Contest!

We have TWO winners of our June 2009 Dog Photo Contest -- OSCAR (left) and NELLY. Congratulations!

June 2009 dog photo contest winner Nelly

June 2009 dog photo contest winner Oscar


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Each month's winner will get their photo posted on our home page for the entire month! They will also receive a very special prize picked out just for them from Only Natural Pet.com!

Every dog gets their very own Web page just for entering. Your friends and family can even leave comments and cast their vote in favor of your precious pooch!

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Nelly is a wonderful 14 month old goldendoodle. I smeared peanut butter on the window and took this photo from the inside.....as though she's licking …

He likes to be talked to and follows you with his eyes.... His name is Oscar, very fitting!

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