July 2010 Dog Photo Contest

Congratulations to BABY, winner of our
July 2010 Dog Photo Contest!

July dog photo contest winner Baby

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Just a relaxing day at home with Taz the Pug! 
Taz is a 2 year old male pug who just LOVES to watch television! Especially The Dog Whisperer and Animal Planet. When something catches his eye, he runs …

amazing missy 
She's a goof ball.

Night Night 
Baby loves to take a nap in our king sized bed during the day when she has the whole bed to herself and doesn't have to squeeze in the middle of us!!She …

Happy Dance? Good Dream? Not rated yet
This is 11 week old Cora, a beagle puppy. She was clearly having a good dream, or just really excited to have her picture taken.

Need Advice On A Good Exercise Routine Not rated yet
Lola is the littlest of our family of 6. She is a short-hair chihuahua born on January 31, 2010.

Amber, the Mischievous Dog Not rated yet
Amber, my 4 year old, female Golden Retriever, is always up to her antics. She's always full of mischief. One evening, I was eating some fried chicken. …

I am not looking forward to this job interview Not rated yet
Its her "Dead-Pan" look and changing facial expressions. Talking to her is a joy as her eyes look directly into yours as her head cocks side to side and …

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