January 2012
Dog Photo Contest

Congratulations to BANDIT, the Winner of our January 2012 Dog Photo Contest!

January 2012 Dog Photo Contest winner Bandit

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Lola Berumen & Chewy Parks 
I just really loved this photo, and wanted to enter it.

Bandit Clark aka The Little Cow 
Bandit came to be a part of our family from a tiny rescue in the-middle-of-no-where, South Carolina. He was about 16 weeks old and because he is a Chihuahua …

Brandy's 16th Birthday 
She is the "quiet" type. She has always ruled the roost, without so much as a bark. All it takes is a look and the rest of the crowd stands back - even …

"Here's what I think about this new pee-pad behind me" 
Roxxy's endless energy and love of life makes everyone smile! Her nickname is "Monkey" because she drives us crazy trying to catch her when she steals …

Ready For My First Shift Not rated yet
The only dog delivery driver for dominoes pizza. But the customers are never happy because they never get what they paid for - only an empty box where …

Tool Boxx Not rated yet
Tool just loves chillin' in the pool on hot summer days!

Koda's New Winter Outfit! Not rated yet
Koda suffers from severe allergies year round. We've tried multiple treatments to help ease her itchiness, but her Prednisone prescription caused her to …

"Excuse me, can I please get my avocado/bacon facial now?" Not rated yet
This is "Maddy". She will pose for just about any picture and knows when mom says "let me grab the camera" she sits and waits. She loves the attention. …

Chewy Parks & Lola Berumen Not rated yet
They are just toooo cute!

unibrow baby <3 Not rated yet
Look at Bear! His face is just the cutest thing you have ever seen! Not to mention how unique it is with his own little unibrow! If that doesn't get you …

Another snow day for the puppies Not rated yet
4 month old still figuring out her snow legs.

Wrigley The Praying Canine. It's a miracle Not rated yet
Our dog Wrigley has a great personality. I am not sure how I captured this photo of her, but it appears that she is praying, with paws together and claws …

Wrigley The Kangaroo Dod. LOL  Not rated yet
Our family dog, Wrigley, loves her Pupperoni treats, but she only gets them when she goes outside to go potty. When she comes back in she jumps and jumps …

Falling asleep with my bunny rabbit Not rated yet
My dog loves this big bunny rabbit! She used to play with it a lot! She liked it because it was bigger than her, and one day she had been playing with …

My Adorable Pup Not rated yet
My dog is very silly and cute. She will sometimes fall asleep with her tongue hanging out. And, sometimes she will fall asleep with her toys.

Sleeping Princess Not rated yet
Chloe is a cute Poodle Chihuahua mix who likes to sleep with her legs crossed.

Goof Ball Not rated yet
Gracie is a total comedian. She is always doing something crazy. We recently adopted a new Corgi. Gracie is a Pembroke Corgi and Izzy is a Cardigan Corgi. …

Freddy's Rainy Day Fun Not rated yet
This little dog thinks he is huge and he insists on playing outside with the big dogs. He is always chasing his tail and sometimes, he actually catches …

KoKo and his rawhide Not rated yet
Now that KoKo has his rawhide, he finally feels secure. This is his security bone.

PEEK-A-BOO Not rated yet
For some reason, my dog Bo likes to play hide-n-seek when the leaves pile up in the front yard. Once a year, all the leaves fall from the trees and end …

Who says dogs can't ride mountain goats?  Not rated yet
Trixie had been fascinated with this Ram studio stuffed animal ever since I walked in the door with it. Being only an 8 pound yorkie pom, Trixie always …

My Bat Dog Not rated yet
I would like to share this photo of our new puppy called Missy. She is just a bitsa (Staffie, Mastiff, Great Dane)and is 4 mths old. She has the strangest …

Just Love Not rated yet
Charlie likes to make us laugh no matter what we put on him. We decided to put baby clothes on him. He doesn't mind. He just wants to make us happy!

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