January 2010
Dog Photo Contest

Congratulations to GIGI, winner of our
January 2010 Dog Photo Contest!

January dog photo contest winner Yorki

Does your pooch make you laugh? Is he or she always doing silly things that crack you up? Then show your canine comedian off to the world! How? Just enter them in our Funniest Fur-Kid of the Month Dog Photo Contest!

If your pooch wins, he or she will grace our homepage for the entire next month and win a present selected just for them from Only Natural Pet.com.

Entering is a snap. Just click here to enter our February 2010 dog photo contest.

Tell us why your pooch makes you laugh, and upload a photo of your funny fur-ball. It's that easy!

So go ahead. Your dog might just be our next star and grace our homepage with their picture and story for an entire month. And better yet, they’ll enjoy a present selected just for them from Only Natural Pet.com!

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Fianna is a five year old Irish Wolfhound and the joy of my life. She has a wonderful sense of humor and an uncanny ability to make me laugh just when …

Gigi puts a smile on everyone's face because she is so lovable and just wants to kiss you. She is a very lovable pet. Gigi is 7 years old and she is a …

Toby in the Sink 
When I first got my puppy, Toby, he wouldn't go to sleep....He would wake up in the middle of the night crying. I tried everything. I even bought him a …

Easter Bunny Who? Not rated yet
This is Champ and he is 10 months old! He loves being with his human Mama, hanging his head out the window while riding (even at 50mph!), giving his Mama …

Dixie clowning around Not rated yet
As you can see in the picture I'm sending you, Dixie loves to clown around. On weekends Dixie wakes us up by kissing me in the face so i can get up and …

Happy Sam Not rated yet
He always takes the best pictures....he is so photogenic and such a ham, I just have to share his joy with everyone!!!!

Jada Not rated yet
Jada is a 4 month old chihuahua who has some strange actions. She runs around like she is at the race track, bites at the air, and just acts silly.

Lexie and the sandbox Not rated yet
My granddaughter moved away and left her sandbox for our new puppy, Lexie. She keeps her vigil out there and everyday we have to go play. Here is a picture …

Splishin' & Splashin' Not rated yet
Because she is just adorable, has a great sense of adventure and loves like no other.

Rocky Laughing After Doggy Bootcamp Not rated yet
Hello. My name is Rocky and I just finished an hour of doggy boot camp. It is important for us pugs to stay fit, since we have a tendency of being overweight. …

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