Hemopet Animal Blood Bank:
Where Rescued Greyhounds
Become Guardian Angels

If ever there was a win-win situation, Hemopet animal blood bank is it.

For us humans, donating blood is second nature. We know it’s the right thing to do, and that it saves lives. And the life it saves could be a friend, a family member – or even our own.

But have you ever stopped to think about what would happen if your beloved canine companion needed emergency surgery or suffered from one of many

dog illnesses that require a blood transfusion? How would they get the life-saving blood they need?

Thank goodness Dr. W. Jean Dodds has thought about it: A lot about it.

That’s why, back in 1991, Dr. Dodds established Hemopet as the first private, non-profit animal blood bank.

Just as human blood banks supply blood to hospitals, animal blood banks provide blood components and supplies for transfusions to veterinary clinics nationwide.

That means that if Buddy or Precious should ever need a blood transfusion, they will be able to get the blood they need.

But the good news doesn’t end there.

Where, you might be wondering, do they get the “doggy donors” that supply the blood? Do the dogs just climb aboard one of those mobile blood donation buses we often see parked outside of office buildings and retail centers, wag their tails and announce, “I’m here to give blood”!

Not exactly. But what does happen is nothing short of miraculous (at least that’s how the doggy donors and transfusion recipients would describe it).

Hemopet saves the lives of Greyhounds that can no longer race for commercial purposes and would otherwise be destroyed. These rescued dogs then become the blood donors who, in turn, save the lives of thousands of other dogs each year (below is Dr. Dodds with rescued Greyhound and blood donor Big Mac).

Dr. Dodds with rescued Greyhound blood donor Big Mack

The rescued Greyhounds are housed in an outstanding environment, with lots of love, companionship and room to exercise. They even receive on-site, 24 hour-a-day veterinary care. All of the Greyhounds are of a universal blood type, and all of them are current on all vaccinations. And, just like with human donors, their blood is screened for a wide list of pathogens to ensure purity.

This incredible rescue-donor-adoption program is truly a second chance at life for these beautiful animals that would otherwise be discarded and euthanized because they no longer are profitable to the racing industry.

But, wait (as they say in the commercials). There’s more.

After a strictly limited time serving as donors, the rescued Greyhounds are placed with carefully screened families who give them what surely they have always wanted – a permanent happy and healthy home.

Now, what could be more of a win-win situation than that?

Since it was established, Hemopet has expanded worldwide, serving over 2,000 veterinary clinics throughout the United States and Canada with blood products that are shipped out on a daily basis.

Dr. Dodds has devoted her life as a veterinarian to the study of hematology and blood-banking and has figured out how to create a truly win-win situation, both for the rescued Greyhounds as well as for all of the dogs whose lives are saved by their donated blood.

Long range goals are to develop other regional centers and to create the nation’s first center focused on restoring health to dogs and cats with special needs.

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