Free Dog Clothes
Sewing Patterns!

If you enjoy sewing, these free dog clothes sewing patterns will help you to make beautiful, one-of-a-kind clothes, toys and even dog beds for your pampered pooch.

If you’re more of a knitter or someone who likes to crochet more than sew, then you’ll love all of the great free online dog clothes patterns we’ve found that were submitted from avid knitters and crocheters all over the Internet.

As with the knit and crochet patterns, since I didn’t create these dog clothes sewing patterns (I don’t even know how to sew, although I LOVE to knit!), then I can’t vouch for their accuracy. That’s why I suggest that you read through each pattern thoroughly before beginning to see if it makes sense to you and the make sure the directions are complete and detailed.

dog wearing clothes

This list even includes a dog bone toy you can sew for your furry friend. Check out our page on easy to make dog toys for more fun dog toy crafting suggestions.

I hope you have fun creating these dog clothes, and that your doggy diva (or dude!) has as much fun wearing them!

Free Dog Clothes (and more!) Sewing Patterns

Adjustable, water-resistant doggie coat by Martha Stewart

Reversible Winter Dog Coat with Pockets (all sizes)

Quilted Dog Coat (for a small dog)

Quick Waterproof Coat with Warm Lining

Rain Coat with Legs

Winter Dog Boots

Fleece Dog Sweater (40 lb dog)

Dog Bone Toy

Small Pet Bed

Large Dog Bed

Headband, collar and leash

Also, you can find a whole blog full of wonderful free dog clothes sewing patterns in six different sizes at and you can even visit the blog in Spanish at .

Miss Daisy Designs is another great site that offers an incredibly unique collection of boutique designer dog apparel to sew -- from fashionable doggy swimwear to the chicest dresses and hats for your furry fashionista. Although the patterns are not free, they are so adorable that you will want to scoop up more than one!

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