February 2011 Dog Photo Contest:

Congratulations to SPOT, the Winner of our February 2011 Dog Photo Contest!

February 2011 Dog Photo Contest winner Spot

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Fuzzy Izzy 
This is Izzy! She is a one-year-old Labradoodle and not only is she the cutest fur ball but she is a bundle of energy. She loves her toys and anybody willing …

My Comedian Dog 
Hi my name is Spot, and I'm a movie dog! I first realized I was born for the spotlight when I met the Cambers! As soon as I saw them, I new they were my …

The adventures of Alfie Not rated yet
Is he a dog? He's simply Alfie Seaton to us. Our friends have dogs but even they say Alfie is quite different. We noticed it from the time we got him. …

Ooops! Did I do that? Not rated yet
Hi, I'm Roxy. I love playing with Teddy Bears. Sometimes I play a little too hard. Anybody have some glue?

Hey..I'm a big girl, I'm ready to ride!!! Not rated yet
"Harlie" is so cute in her Harley clothes, and loves to wear them. She never tries to get them off. She has a pouch she gets in and LOVES to ride!!!

kiara the big cuddley bear ! Not rated yet
My dog Kiara makes the funniest faces and she is a total monster (as in size not personality-wise). She is so hyper outside. Most people think she is really …

Ollie still happy after Surgery Not rated yet
Ollie has a lot of character for a cockapoo. This picture was taken the day after he got neutered. He is as happy as a lark.

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