Easter Bunny Who?

by Amanda Price
(Ninety Six, SC)

Easter Bunny Who?

Easter Bunny Who?

This is Champ and he is 10 months old! He loves
being with his human Mama, hanging his head out the window while riding (even at 50mph!), giving his Mama "Love Nibbles!" Going to visit his Cow Cows (My husband thinks he looks like one and he calls him "Monkey Lips!")

Champ also enjoys playing with his brother, Redman!Champ's favorite hobby is modeling for the camera! Every time I pick the camera up, instead of smiling like a person would, he barks at it and poses!

He tries to sneak and eat the kitty food, but I don't like when he does that! He loves mini marshmallows and he will do just about anything for a dill pickle!

He likes to walk around the neighborhood and to Grandma's house! He loves when I take him for a bike ride, cause he can run like the wind!

Champ's funniest tricks are catching marshmallows in his mouth, shaking hands, and giving people affectionate "love nibbles!"

I adopted Champ when he was 12 weeks old! He was really sick when he joined our family. With proper vet care and lots of love and affection, he recovered very well! He is so precious and sweet! I have waited my whole life for a doggie soulmate! He was worth the wait! No one can make me smile and laugh as hard as my "Little Champy!"

Thank you for your interest and your time! Have a great day!

Amanda and Champ

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