Dog Puzzle Toys:
Cool Brainteasers for Your
Furry Genius

Does your furry friend enjoy a little mental stimulation in his day? If so, dog puzzle toys are just what he needs!

dog puzzle toys dog playing chess

Created for the “intellectually inclined” canine, these interactive brainteasers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. But they all have one thing in common – a treat as the reward for “solving” the puzzle!

Dog puzzle toys can range from simple hollowed-out, treat-stuffed playthings such as the Kong described in our article on the best dog toys to intricate puzzles that require your dog to use all of his problem solving skills to retrieve the hidden goodies.

One innovative new breed of interactive dog puzzle toys comes from Sweden’s Nina Ottosson. Her Zoo Active Games are complex mind-benders that require the dog to perform such tasks as removing pegs or rotating discs in order to uncover the concealed treats. They even come with variations so that you can make the puzzles more difficult after your dog has mastered the first level. However, since these toys contain small parts and are made of particleboard, they should only be used with your close supervision. These are definitely not toys to leave with your dog while you are out.

Here are some really cool dog puzzle toys. Take a look and try a few out for your little genius!

Here’s a Selection of Some Great Dog Puzzle Toys

dog puzzle toys Nina Ottosson's Dog Tornado

Nina Ottosson's Puzzle Toys for Dogs - The Tornado

Nina Ottosson's Dog Tornado is a clever puzzle consisting of four layers with rotating discs. Three of these layers have recesses for concealing treats. Your dog must determine how to rotate the discs with a paw or a nose in order to reveal the tasty reward. These unique wooden puzzles are designed to enrich your dog's mind and foster a stronger bond between you and your pet. not let your dog bite the Dog Tornado. Play together and always supervise your dog.

dog puzzle toys Nina Ottosson's Dog Turbo

Nina Ottosson's Puzzle Toys for Dogs - The Turbo

The Dog Turbo is a challenging puzzle in which you insert treats into heavily restricted passages. Your dog is then required to move the pegs toward the outside of the puzzle with his paw or nose in order to get the treat from the passage and collect a reward. You can vary the level of difficulty from easy to challenging as your dog requires. You demonstrate, your dog watches, listens and learns. Then it’s his turn! not let your dog bite the Dog Turbo. Play together and always supervise your dog.

dog puzzle toys Nina Ottosson's Dog Smart

Nina Ottosson's Puzzle Toys for Dogs - Dog Smart (Large)

Nina Ottosson's Dog Smart is designed for both small and large breeds. Hide a few treats in the recesses which are covered by hollow blocks and watch as your dog tries to locate the hidden treat by sense of smell. Because the blocks can not be knocked over, your dog will need to figure out how to lift the block with his teeth or paws in order to retrieve the treat. Nina Ottosson's puzzle toys for dogs will revolutionize the way you play with your pet and provide a positive outlet for your dog's energy and intellect. not let your dog bite the Dog Smart. Play together and always supervise your dog.

dog puzzle toys Buster Cube

Buster Cube

The Buster Cube is divided into several compartments which release the food pellets when the dog rolls the cube with his nose or paws. All you have to do is to start the game by offering the cube and your dog will do the rest. Comes in two sizes:
* Food Cube: for large dog breeds over 20 lbs. Size: 4.75"
* Mini Cube: for smaller dog breeds under 20 lbs. Size: 3.5"
Once your dog becomes adept at emptying the cube, you can increase the level of difficulty for a more challenging experience.

dog puzzle toys Atomic Treat Ball

Atomic Treat Ball - 3 in.

The Atomic Treat Ball dog toy uses your dog's favorite food or treat to keep him mentally stimulated and physically active. The ''molecule'' shaped toy is made from durable, non-toxic thermoplastic. Portion controlled meals or treats can be loaded into the opening. The Atomic Treat Ball is easy to clean and refill.

dog puzzle toys Yuppy Puppy Treat Machine

Yuppy Puppy Food and Treat Machine

The Yuppy Puppy Treat Machine is made from cherry red cast metal. Your dog pushes the handle down to dispense treats or food. Works great with certain small treats and it also vends most dry pet foods.

Before you know it, your little Einstein will be beating you at chess!

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