Dog Photo Contest:
Enter Your Canine Comedian!

Welcome to The Happy Dog Spot's Funniest Fur-Kid of the Month Dog Photo Contest!

Does your dog like to clown around? Are dressing up in silly costumes and making goofy faces part of his/her regular routine?

Then submit your funniest dog photo and let the rest of us get a chance to check out your canine comedian!

dog photo contest yorki in beach scene

If we choose your dog as our Funniest Fur-Kid of the Month, he or she will be spotlighted with their photo and story on our homepage for the entire following month.

They will also win a very special gift selected just for them from Only Natural!

Entering is a snap....

Just fill out the form and upload one of your best (and silliest!) dog photos. Your baby will have his or her very own Web page on our site. Your friends can even add comments and vote for your dog's photo!

What are you waiting for? All the world loves a clown!


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