Dog Adoption Websites:
Your New Best Friend
is Just a Click Away

If you are ready to adopt a dog , dog adoption websites are a great place to turn.

You will be rescuing a homeless pet that is in an animal shelter just waiting for the right human to come along and find him.

Whether you are looking for a puppy or a senior dog adoption , there are many wonderful websites that provide pet adoption information and can match you up with your perfect canine (or feline) "love connection".

girl with golden retriever

Many animal shelters now have their own adoption websites and also list the animals they have up for adoption on pet adoption sites such as those listed below.

From the comfort and privacy of your home, you can use your computer to find a pet that will be the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

The dog adoption websites below provide listings and information on thousands of animals at shelters across the country that desperately need a second chance and a loving home.

Check them out.

You never know. The next photo you see could be the love of your life.


For lots of great online information about pet adoption and animal rights, visit The Humane Society of the United States .

If you want to find a pet near you that needs a loving home, simply enter the information into the tool below, provided by You might just find the new love of your life ready and waiting (online dating sites, eat your heart out!).

Animal Breed Zip Code

Are you looking for a pet to adopt in South Florida? If so, scroll below for a list of pets at South Florida shelters that desperately need a home.

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