Discriminated against by a dog rescue

by Dana

This isn't about a vaccine, per se. However we have three dogs. Ron got his dog from a breeder. She would have been a kill because she isn't "showable", but he has had her since a little under/over 8 weeks old. I'm sure she had shots at one point in time, but since I have known Ron, she has not had shots other than rabies, nor has she been to a vet (rabies at the city facility).

Further, she is never out of the house without one or both of us. I gained a middle aged dog from a friend. I took her to the vet originally, and take her regularly as she is aging and having problems. We "adopted" another baby last year and he is great. He came from a rescue, and when we got home with him I took him to the vet and got him all fixed up with his shots.

Well, we were trying to adopt one more l'il angel, but it seems that the rescue will not let me adopt because Ron's baby isn't up to date on her shots. Further, they will not entertain the thought even if Ron took her to get updated on shots. They cite that there is no way to know that regardless whether Ron gets her shots now, that he will continue to do so. Sadly, though, they are discriminating against me, because I have been up to date with all of the dog vaccinations.

I was "raised" to get the dog shots on a regular basis, but in seeing Ron's baby, it makes me kind of second guess the fact that I need to get these vaccines all the time, so it makes me question what the vets "preach", but at the same time it will apparently keep me from adopting another rescue.

Is there anyway that we can "spread the word"? I'm kinda angry that this lady insinuated that we were bad parents because Ron's dog isn't current on shots, and she isn in the same house with the other two. If there was one iota of a clue that she was sick or suffering, I'd take out a loan if necessary to get her to the vet to make sure she is OK.

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