December 2009
Dog Photo Contest

Congratulations to HOLLY, winner of our
December 2009 Dog Photo Contest!

December 2009 dog photo contest winner Holly

Does your pooch make you laugh? Is he or she always doing silly things that crack you up? Then show your canine comedian off to the world! How? Just enter them in our Funniest Fur-Kid of the Month Dog Photo Contest!

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clothes basket 
Chloe always loves to get into a clothes basket every time I put clothes in to fold. She loves a box or basket.

Silly Little Girl 
Dakoka is a 9 month old Labrador Retriever/Chow Chow Mix puppy who has a black birthmark on her tongue! She has the funniest sounding bark and loves to …

Life is so good! 
Cookie is a fun loving, 10 month old boxer. He does not always like to be held like a baby, but he was very happy this day.

Crazy Boy 
This is my sister's puppy when he was only 8 weeks old. He is such a silly boy. He's always doing stuff that makes us laugh. Once he got his head stuck …

"How's that sour ball workin' for ya, Holly?" 
Yage (pronounced YA-HEY) and Holly are best of buddies. Holly and her 7 pups were on an "E-list" at the shelter when we rescued her to foster. In the …

Who's Santa?? Not rated yet
I would like to enter a picture of Darci (the pomeranian) and Nelly (the long-haired chihuahua) for your December photo Contest. I'm attaching a picture …

Rasberries to you Not rated yet
She never sticks her tong out just for the fun of it. She only does it when you look at her and if you holler at her she hollers back. It's soooo funny! …

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