Canine Homeopathy:
Natural Healthcare for
Your Precious Pooch

Canine homeopathy is one system of treating dogs that falls under the umbrella of holistic healing for dogs. Many people confuse the terms “homeopathy” with “holistic”, but they are not the same. “Holistic” refers to a variety of different medical modalities that look at the body as a whole to heal itself.

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Holistic Medical Modalities Include:

  • Homeopathy
  • Acupuncture
  • Reiki
  • Nutrition
  • Massage and
  • Aromatherapy
  • Energy healing, among others.

While homeopathy is a small subset of holistic medicine, it is a complete way to treat our canine companions (and people, but that’s a different article!).

Canine homeopathy is a very exciting field, because it can treat any dog illnesses that conventional (allopathic) medicine can treat, from skin rashes to pneumonia to cancer – all naturally and without the use of drugs. It also focuses on prevention through optimal health through use of probiotics for dogs and other such methods.

Different Philosophies

Homeopathy works via a completely different philosophy than conventional medicine.

In conventional medicine, the symptom is considered to be the disease. So, it follows that you treat the disease by getting rid of the symptom. In other words, find a drug that creates the opposite effect of the symptom being exhibited, and you will have found the cure. This is known as the “law of opposites”.

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With arthritis, for example, two symptoms might be joint pain and swelling. A drug that gets rid of these symptoms – even temporarily – is considered by conventional medicine to be effective at treating this disease. But, stop the drug and the symptom (i.e. – the disease) is likely to return.

Canine homeopathy, just like human homeopathy, doesn’t view the symptom as the disease. Rather, it views the symptom as the body’s attempt to get rid of the disease. In homeopathy, the disease is the body’s imbalance, not the symptoms it exhibits.

To treat this imbalance (dis – ease), canine homeopathy (as well as human) uses the “law of similars”. This means that if you give a substance that can create a certain set of symptoms similar to the symptoms exhibited by the sick animal (or person), then you will trigger the body’s self-healing mechanism.

An example of this would be treating someone who has burning eyes and a runny nose from a cold with a remedy made of onion – a substance which causes those very symptoms in a healthy individual.

By using the “law of similars”, homeopathic remedies actually push out the disease from the body by triggering the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

An example of the differences between traditional veterinary medicine and canine homeopathy can be illustrated in the case of puppy rash.

In traditional medicine, puppy rash might be treated with cortisone shots or an antibiotic. However, once the treatment is stopped, the symptoms will likely return. In addition, the treatment itself can cause other symptoms, which in turn will require more medication… and on and on goes the vicious cycle, while the poor pooch continues to get sicker.

While the drugs might stop the symptoms, they haven’t enabled the body to heal itself by discharging the imbalance (the disease) that is causing the puppy rash in the first place. At the same time, the drugs block the ability to see the disease, often pushing it deeper into the body – even all the way into the organs such as the kidneys or liver. The result is a patient that gets sicker and sicker, requiring more and more drugs to treat each individual symptom separately.

The bottom line is that conventional veterinary medicine (just like human medicine) never takes care of the body’s underlying imbalance. Canine homeopathy does.

Two Types of Diseases: Acute and Chronic

Acute diseases are those that come on suddenly, such as an infection or becoming ill from eating spoiled food.

If your dog is suffering from an acute disease, canine homeopathy can work quicker than traditional medicine, because homeopathy uses energy medicines that dissolve on the tongue and instantly enter the body.

In contrast to acute disease, chronic diseases are those that the body has had for a long time (heart disease, diabetes, etc.).

Homeopathy’s purpose is to remove chronic disease from the body, rather than just covering up the symptoms, as in conventional medicine. Conventional medicine treats the acute attacks/symptoms (such as with chronic dog diarrhea , which my dog, Chase, has had his whole life due to colitis) but it never treats the underlying imbalance.

Canine homeopathy (and all homeopathy) attempts to remove the chronic disease, slowly pushing it out of the body as your dog gets healthier.

The result? Your dog has less symptoms as he gets older, rather than getting sicker and requiring more and more drugs to mask each symptom.

To read more on canine homeopathy, check out our article on

homeopathy for dogs.

If you are interested in exploring homeopathy for your dog, you can contact the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy.

There are only about 62 certified veterinary homeopaths in the country, and the AVHA can give you information on how to find one closest to you.

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