Caesar never Ceases

by Ashley
(Albany, NY)

Caesar at 5:30 in the morning

Caesar at 5:30 in the morning

Every day Caesar never ceases to amuse me with his simple doggy personality. He is a 110 lb Cane Corso, who is 2 years old. Whether he's flinging the legs off of his Kong Wubbas, tearing up a shoe box when I'm not home into a thousand pieces because he misses me, trying to pick up a bouncy ball as it scurries between his legs, caressing his bone like a baby doll, or as this picture explains, just the way he sleeps, I just can't help but smile and laugh so hard at his simple doggy antics. Sometimes when he's sleeping all 4 of his legs twitch, along with his mouth and jowls - and lets not forget the whimpers and growls. While I was at work the other day with him, I was having a conversation with my co-workers, and mid speech we hear a high pitched long squeeking noise...what was it? Caesar had farted. All my co-workers laughed hysterically as he continued to pass gas, while looking at his bum, wondering what that strange noise coming out of it was. Other things he does that literally have me howling with laughter include his immense desire to investigate kitty cats, and loud human burps after he eats. He also plays dead when I say "bang" like he's been shot, and point my fingers like guns. He FALLS over on his back, dangles his legs in the air, with the 2 front paws over his head. I have it on video somewhere, but man oh man. Caesar never ceases to amuse, and make me laugh more than anything in the world!

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