April 2009
Dog Photo Contest

Congratulations to Jack, winner of our April 2009 Dog Photo Contest!


And congratulations to all the other adorable pooches that entered our contest. You are ALL winners!


What about your canine cutie?

Doesn't your little Fido or Fluffy deserve a chance to vie for the spot of "cutest canine of the month"?

It's easy to enter!

Just send us an adorable photo and tell us why your fur-baby is the king or queen of cute.

Each month's winner will get their photo posted on our home page for the entire month! They will also receive a very special prize picked out just for them from Only Natural Pet.com!

Every dog gets their very own Web page just for entering. Your friends and family can even leave comments and cast their vote in favor of your precious pooch!

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Check out the Other Canine Cuties that Entered Our April Contest!

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Just Chill'in 
Max is a springer spaniel that we rescued from a shelter. His owners just didn't want him anymore. I guess they didn't have time for him. I never did …

The Queen of the House! 
I rescued Maggie from the shelter when she was only about 10 months old. Or maybe she rescued me. I just lost my black lab of 15 years, and had another …

A miracle on Jonas drive 
Jonas is an amazing dog and a real spit-fire. Two days after he turned a year old he developed a seizure disorder (6 weeks after being vaccinated.) The …

Lov'in the snow! Not rated yet
This is Yukon, my 3 year old Akita. He just absolutely loves the snow -- and his Jolly Ball. However, the other dogs or myself have to be outside with …

Fishing DAY Not rated yet
My Chocolate Labrador is named Jack. He just turned one year old and is full of energy and love. He has been involved with obedience and agility training, …

Another day out at the lake Not rated yet
Jack is the cutest Chocolate Labrador because he has the cutest big ears, friendly eyes, loving heart with a forever goofy personality that leaves smiles …

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