Amber, the Mischievous Dog

by Melissa
(Selangor, Malaysia)

Amber looks skunked

Amber looks skunked

Amber, my 4 year old, female Golden Retriever, is always up to her antics. She's always full of mischief.

One evening, I was eating some fried chicken. Amber was just laying beside me on the couch. I wanted to go get a drink from the kitchen, so I put the bag of chicken on the coffee table & went to get a drink. It only took me less than 15 seconds to get it & when I came out of the kitchen, I was shocked to find Amber's head in the bag of chicken!!! I shouted her name & her head popped out of the bag instantly. She had that "Oh poop!" look on her face & she immediately dropped a piece of the chicken meat from her mouth & ran off to hide. And then, my other Golden darted out of nowhere & grabbed that piece of chicken & ate it. It was so hilarious!

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