A Dog Walks Into A Bar,....

by Kimberley

Ever See A Dog Laugh?

Ever See A Dog Laugh?

Nakoti true\ly is my best friend. Wherever I am, she is. She's a black lab/pitbull. She was born on January 23rd, 2005 in a litter of eleven and whose mother abandoned them all to freeze to death. Nakoti was the only survivor. I had chosen her at birth and feel that her survival was for my benefit more than her own. "Nakoti" translated means "One Dog". From the bottle feedings to today,.. she has filled our family's life with immense love, protection and endless entertainment. She greets family and friends with the nearest shoe she can find and actually smiles at me when I tell her I love her. Long ago, she claimed her space on the bed between my husband and I, and as she grew, forced us to upgrade to a King size bed. Although Nakoti and I take great delight in it, my husband is not as game when Nakoti pushes him off the bed. But he knows her sense of humor and commences to wrestling her for his place and eventually they engage in snoring competitions. Due to an emergency surgery, she is unable to be a "Mama" but her mothering-instincts have not been forsaken as she is very protective of her "sisters" (teenage girls) and has a knack at letting men know they are too close. She loves to swim and play with the neighborhood children, Christmas is her favorite holiday and life for her is complete when she has a peanut butter bone. We may not have everything we want, but with Nakoti in our lives, we have it all.

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