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Pet Food Diva is Live!
December 05, 2014

Your New Spot for All Things Pet Nutrition is Live!

Hi There!

I am sending you this short and sweet email to tell you the exciting news that Pet Food Diva, your new place for the latest, science-backed information on pet nutrition, has just gone live!

There are already four awesome blog posts up, so please hop on over to Pet Food Diva and check them out, then let me know what you think in the comments section below the posts. And keep a look-out for my new articles, videos or interviews covering a fascinating new pet food topic each week.

This site is dedicated to creating optimum health for our beloved dogs and cats, so let's build an amazing community of people to spread the word that vibrant health begins with an optimum diet.

Together, we WILL slash pet obesity and chronic illness, one pet at a time.

Thank you!

Diana Laverdure

The Pet Food Diva

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